Our experienced Internet lawyers are highly skilled at removing unwanted material from the Internet, stopping defamation, and online cyber-attacks


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We are specialized in online crisis management situations. We provide real, proven results fast. Internet Reputation requires cutting edge technology in conjunction with sophisticated SEM professionals.

Internet crises are often complicated. Developing successful solutions for our clients requires an analysis of all the potential solutions, including legal, PR, arrest, cyber investigative, search engine optimization, or a combination thereof. Accordingly, in an online crisis, we collaborates with third parties, including service providers in our network, to develop the creative solutions for our clients’ problems.

For example, in certain cases, we work with PR firms to craft appropriate messages, while using and applying our legal skills to protect our clients from liability.  We also work with PR professionals to develop strategies to mitigate our client’s reputational damages prior to filing, and during, a lawsuit if one is necessary.   In other instances, we work with experts to try to remove damaging material as expeditiously as possible or work with clients to negotiate confidential resolutions to minimize the further spread of harmful information.  We have brought on internet marketing consultants to assist clients in recovering money lost from damages caused by reputational crises on the internet.

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