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Qualys SECURE Seal allows businesses of all sizes to scan their websites for the presence of malware, network and web application vulnerabilities, as well as SSL certificate validation.

Once a website passes these four comprehensive security scans, the Qualys SECURE Seal service generates a Qualys SECURE seal for the merchant to display on their website demonstrating to online customers that the company is maintaining a rigorous and proactive security program.

Leveraging Qualys' award winning scanning technology, Qualys SECURE Seal is the only website security testing service that extends the ability to scan website(s) for malware, network and web application vulnerabilities, as well as validating the website's SSL certificate.

Qualys SECURE Seal Features

Comprehensive Security

Network (Perimeter) Vulnerability Scanning - Identifies externally facing vulnerabilities on the web server that allow attackers to access specific information stored on the host.

Malware Detection - Evaluates the site for malicious software the website could unintentionally infect visitors with.

Web Application Vulnerability Scanning - Scans for vulnerabilities in dynamic web applications, such as SQL Injection, to ensure consumers interact with websites that safeguard their personal information.

SSL Certificate Validation - Validates the website's SSL certificate is valid and current.

Centralized Reporting with Verified Fixes - All results are located in one place for faster remediation. Reports include one-click links to recommended solutions, such as patches or workarounds. These solutions have been tested and validated by our own security experts.
On Demand and Automated Scanning - The Qualys SECURE Seal scans your website for thousand of vulnerabilities used by hackers and malicious malware. You can scan your website as much as you want using automated scheduling, or scan on demand to verify fixes or test for zero day vulnerabilities.
Scan Mulitple Websites - Scanning multiple websites with Qualys SECURE Seal is incredibly easy to do, takes minutes to set-up and is fully automated. Depending on your subscription options you can test and secure as many websites as you want.
Demonstrate Security and Improve Sales - When online shoppers see the Qualys SECURE Seal and Verification Page, they are more likely to complete a transaction on your website as the seal demonstrates that you are serious about protecting their personal data.

Safeguard Your Brand - Data security breaches can be catastrophic to your brand from a repetitional and financial standpoint. Having a comprehensive security program in place, such as the Qualys SECURE Seal, can help you safeguard your brand from data breaches.


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